Thames Valley District School Board approves attendance area changes following London Secondary Attendance Area Review

Posted On Wednesday March 27, 2024
On March 26, the Board of Trustees approved Administration’s recommendations to address rising enrolment in secondary schools in London and area. Administration presented the latest recommendations at the February 2024 Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee Meeting. Recommendations were revised based on Trustee feedback collected in the fall of 2023. Administration took public feedback into account when revising the recommendations, which were initially developed in consultation with school communities last school year.
"In our continuous commitment to providing exceptional educational environments for all students within the Thames Valley District School Board, we've made the strategic decision to adjust the boundaries for secondary schools in London and area, effective September 2025,” said Beth Mai, Chair of Thames Valley District School Board. “This decision is pivotal, not just for optimizing the use of our current resources, but also as a proactive step to maintain the high standards of education and accommodation that every student deserves. While we navigate the complexities of expanding our infrastructure to meet the future needs of our community, this adjustment ensures that our students' educational journey remains uninterrupted and rich in opportunities.
“We understand changes like these come with their own set of challenges and we want to affirm that this decision was made with the utmost consideration for the well-being and success of our students. Together, with the support of our educators, families, and the community, we will continue to uphold the excellence in education that Thames Valley is known for." 
As part of the decisions of March 26, the board is pleased to share that it will be opening a sixth secondary French immersion site in TVDSB in 2025. The board is committed to the success of expanding French immersion options across TVDSB and making the program more accessible, geographically speaking, is an important part of this process.
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